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Erik Svedang”s forthcoming else { Heart.break () } allows players access to the game”s code hotfulllacewigs and will teach them how to alter it. Short of picking up Programming for Dummies, Joe Donnelly caught up with Svedang to find out more.


For all my love of videogames runs deep, it most certainly doesn’t C:/RUN deep. That is to say, regardless of how much I appreciate games, I don’t really know all that much about how they’re made. I understand the fundamentals of programming, but that’s really about it.

My memories of is viagra a generic basic programming from my second year of high school are vague. My teacher was an eccentric character who harboured a terrible coffee addiction, and as a result suffered remarkable mood cgoosejacka swings which I blame to this day for my lack of focus. “Computers are the future!” she would herald each week, as if living in 1999 was equivocal to the stone age.

Luckily, else { Heart.break () }, the forthcoming game from Blueberry Garden developer Erik Svedang, plans to educate people like me. As is immediately obvious from its name alone – even to us cretans – else { Heart.break () } is about programming. More importantly, it”s a game which will not only teach the player about programming, but will allow certain aspects of the game to be altered via this understanding.

Code master

On his blog, Svedang describes his game as one “able to change reality” and that the player, once taught by other characters, can modify the codes which make the game world tick. The blog continues, “Eventually the inner parts of the gameplay code are revealed and the barrier between our world and the game starts to disolve.”

It’s a fascinating concept and is one which promises to turn heads if it can deliver. Swedish developer Svedang has managed this in the past winning “Best Innovation” at the 2008 Swedish Game Awards for online cialis his previous game Blueberry Garden.


“The story in else {Heart.break () } is about a guy who moves away from home and comes to a new city in another country, finding work as a trader,” explains Svedang. “He’s got a boring job and is immature. He tries to make new friends and is learning how to behave, and as part of that he ends up in this organisation of hackers.

“In the beginning it’s not like you’re thrown into the whole programming Karen Millen thing – you won’t really have to think about it at all at first.”

That’s definitely reassuring.

But as intrigued as I am with the whole thing, two crucial questions

spring to mind: just how much of the game will the player be able to alter? And how exactly will they go about it?

“Well…” Svedang pauses for what seems like an unusually long

period of time. At first I think we’ve been cut off, but the Skype chat conversation timer reassures me we”re still connected. He draws a breath, as if to suggest he is about to reveal something but immediately goes quiet again, as if deciding against it. “That’s a little bit of a secret cialis is safer than viagra at the minute,” he laughs, “That’s the thing with this game – it’s very much a story-driven game, even though we try to discount pharmacy make it very free in what you can do. The basic thing is that you have this special computer [capable] of connecting to things inside viagranorx-canadianpharma.com the game and you can change canadian pharmacy prescription those things with your computer.”

Less of a secret is my ineptitude with regards to coding which I humbly convey to Svedang. I then highlight that for those on the same boat as me, programming might appear a bit scary. There aren’t best online casino an abundance of games around like it and the game’s title alone is quite intimidating, some may even argue a little pretentious.

“It’s absolutely the goal that you should be able to play else { Heart.break () } without knowing anything about programming beforehand – that’s a very clear goal,” Svedang contests. “And then, it is kind of up to the player how they want to play it. Even if you can program but want to role play that you’re really bad at it, you can

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do that inside the game. There is also the goal, of course, canada goose that if you want to learn things you will be able to.


“Everything is inside the story, you will learn things from the characters. It’s not a teaching game, it’s not going to [include] pop-ups or explanations of things, it’s going to be more enveloped by the story. You’ll learn by talking to people and although you may not be able to understand everything – it may be mystical to some people – but you’ll be able to get by. It’s not going to be that difficult, basically.”

Svedang’s previous

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game, Blueberry Garden is a magical tale of exploration and curiosity. As a strange bird-like creature, the player is able to manipulate their surroundings in order to succeed. Else { Heart.break () } looks to grant the player the same powers, but on a

much grander scale, and within the context of a real world-like sagittarius weekly horoscope individuals usually have a not really good skin, and a lot of them often suffer from dermatological diseases because of this. scenario. Svedang feels player agency is very important when replicating the real world in games.

“I think a lot of games share this goal,” he says. “If you really want to have a believable world you want to give the players almost as much power as the person who made the game. I mean, that’s kind of how the real world works, we can go out and change things and so on. It seems like a good goal to give the player a lot of possibilities to do things that matter in the world.

“In Blueberry Garden, the landscape was a big part of what you could do and what happened [in the game]. In this game, the different objects – the chairs and the doors and the bottles of beer – are really important objects for people in the game and are made interactive and changeable, as that makes sense in this game.”

Strangely, games like else { Heart.break () } aren’t common. Considering code is the lifeblood of videogames, it seems slightly odd that developers haven’t tried to implement the idea to any great effect in the past. Blendo Games’ Quadrilateral Cowboy looks set to try something

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similar to else { Heart.break () }, although still distinctly different. Code Hero,

an ambitious self-styled Minecraft-cum-Portal FPS wherein players learn code by operating a ‘code gun’ was successfully Kickstarted in 2012, however has since been marred by controversy after failing to deliver/meet deadlines and running out of money.


“I think there’s always been some games like that but they have been too hard to understand,” offers Svedang. “So maybe they

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haven’t been trying to teach us [quite as well] as some of these newer games. I think perhaps it has to do with the fact kamagra in dubai that computers are more powerful now so you can actually simulate more things inside your game – you can simulate smaller

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computers pharmacy management in canada book inside your game.

“For example, there has been a lot of games that have had computers inside them but the computers haven’t really worked at all – perhaps illustrated by a mini-game or something similar. If you see that enough, I think you will end up thinking it would be cool if this computer actually worked. Why can’t it work? And if it works, why can’t the player change how that computer operates?

“In else { Heart.break () }, There will be a special language that the player will write. Everything that I’m writing is not the same language as in the game. I don’t think this has really been done before.”

Whether influenced by Code Hero or not, Svedang is well aware of the potential pitfalls associated with crowdfunding. He acknowledges that it works for some, however it’s arguably better to avoid the process if possible. As such, else { Heart.break () } has received funding from the Nordic Game Program, much to the delight of Svedang and

his team. That said, work on his game is taking slightly longer than planned as they have now passed the three year development mark. A tentative 2014 release date is in sight, however, and is something Svedang resolutely aims for.

“I think we’re up to three years now,” he says. “I basically had the idea to make the game directly cialis and lisinopril after Blueberry Garden was released so I’ve been thinking about the game for about four and a half years. It’s a long time, but we are really working hard on finishing it we kind of have to release it next year. That’s definitely the goal!”

Else { Heart.break () } is set for release in 2014. Those interested in Svedang”s previous game http://cialisonline-bestoffer.com Blueberry Garden, can check it out on Steam here.

Joe Donnelly

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