BeefJack is all about giving creative and alternative games the attention they deserve. We celebrate the titles that sit away from the mainstream, or those who try to do something a little different from the status quo.

The traditional news/preview/reviews cycle isn���t a good fit for us or the games we want to cover. You won’t see re-purposed press releases at BeefJack Magazine, and we treat games as culturally relevant and meaningful, which means not reducing them to a number or a rating. We want to cover our field in a way that promotes discourse and rewards risk.

We give our writers the freedom to explore games in a way that promotes enthusiasm and thought, without being dragged down by expectations. If you share these values and are looking for something that breaks the mould, then we hope you enjoy your stay here.


Putting quality over quantity, our Insight section offers intelligent discussion and analysis of creative and innovative games, as well as the industry that surrounds them. We tackle each issue in an in-depth and focused manner, always aiming to provide the full picture.


Our Critique section is where you’ll find articles dedicated to specific games, discussing them in the manner they deserve. We’ll be focusing on the aspects and themes that make these games unique – there’s no score assigned at the end, meaning we can focus on thinking about what really matters.


BeefJack Promote is our video game marketing arm. We aim to promote the most interesting emerging talent on the gaming scene, and we aim to do so with transparency and integrity. All BeefJack Magazine’s promotional content sits in the Promoted section, meaning you can clearly distinguish between editorial and advertorial – but Promote only works with games it finds interesting, so we still recommend you check this area out.