Ain't Killed Me Yet: Still Playing Curiousity

Curiousity made us ask a question, and not the one you might think. We didn”t want to know what was in the cube, but who was still playing and, more C2180-276 importantly, why? Kyle McIntosh gave us an answer, and, like
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the question itself, his answer wasn”t the obvious one.

curiousity critique 1

The alarm clock sounds.

Smack. It”s off now and I”m getting out

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of bed. Stretch. After fumbling000-163 around in the dark for a few a minutes, I manage to get dressed and head out the door. I”m running—for leisure, not because I”m late—and then back home. Water hits me. I”m suddenly wide awake, an hour after getting up, as I”ve forgotten my shower water starts cold. I get dressed again now, flip the kettle on, and get ready to eat. My breakfast is meagre: Toast, fruit, tea. And every morning, while I”m sittingTM1-101at the table, I tap away at my phone.

Today is a

normal day, but it”s anything but normal. Today, I would spend hours in the hospital waiting room with no comfort; none but the cube.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I”m tapping away at a giant cube made of an unknown amount of layers of millions of tiles called cubelets. Tapping destroys tiles, with each tile removed by the global community moving them that much closer to the centre of the cube, and revealing a new layer of tiles. Some layers are solid colours, others gigantic, sprawling C4040-122

photographs, and every one fascinating.

I hold the cube in the palm of my hand – Peter Molyneux”s appropriately titled Curiousity: What”s Inside the Cube – an app Molyneux casino online asserts will change the life of the individual that gets to the centre of the cube. I haven”t made it to the centre yet, but already the

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cube has changed my life.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Constantly I tap the cube, though it”s not out of curiousity, despite what

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the name may lead one to believe. My interest in what lies at the centre of the cube is minimal, if not entirely non-existent. Molyneux is often seen as over-promising and under-delivering, so I”m wary of trusting him again. Curiousity doesn”t describe my play; instead, my play is characterized by routine.

curiousity critique 2

Curiousity is a passive app that begs to be played while multitasking. Tapping takes no real work if the player doesn”t want it to, making it the perfect complement to morning tea, or any other activity that doesn”t require one”s full attention.

However, Curiousity inspires more than mindless tapping. At any given time one may find messages scrawled or shapes formed from bricks removed. Sometimes these are humourous, sometimes they”re about videogames, and sometimes – many times – they”re phallic in nature. There is no instruction booklet telling players how they must tap, but through seeing others making words or symbols, players are socialized in the game”s language.

That socialization led me to etch notes into the cube as I prepared for final exams – a recurring event many will say is among the most stressful of their lives, at least to that point – and everything from the names of characters in Greek tragedies (try spelling Clytemnestra) to the wave equation (v=fλ) made its way on to the cube as I tapped.

Such miscellaneous titbits likely meant little to the bulk of players around me, but each and every one bore significance to me. This is not a preparatory act: the comfort I feel in tapping the cube, in sharing my cryptic anonymous mes

Jamie Donnelly

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