Challenging edutainment's stigma

Cedaria: Blackout is a game that aims to entertain and educate in equal measure, without being tainted by the stigma of an edutainment label. Writer Zen Alayan explains how, and why, they”re making a “serious game”.

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You wouldn”t think the development of educational games to be thorny, but cialis 20 mg coupon it is when teenagers

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make up your primary target audience. Edutainment games face the problem of either being seen as too serious – many will scoff at a game that isn”t primarily fun – or as too childlike, conjuring up images of a cartoon platformer teaching simple sums.

Success means fighting not only a

towering stigma, it also involves keeping your own ideas in check. You”d do better still if you distance yourself from the idea of educational entertainment altogether, but the team behind Cedaria: Blackout don”t think that shying away from the pressure will lead anywhere constructive. For them, creating a compelling play style under the guise of a serious, socially-conscious framework means facing these issues head-on.

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Foremost in their minds is the misconception that educational games be reserved to a mould that doesn”t carry meaningful weight with older audiences.

“Edutainment is a loaded word,” says Zen Alayan, writer on the project. For that reason, the team instead chooses to label Cedaria as a “serious cialis otc game.”

She follows up her blunt remark by showing that more is at play than being unable to reach certain audiences. “The goals behind these games often focus on the promotion of specific ideals or agendas, so much that entertainment and fun end up taking a backseat.”

Breaking free from this involves supporting any thematic considerations with convincingly complex gameplay systems. In the case of Cedaria, this takes the form of RPG elements and relationship development bound in a choice and consequence architecture, the sort that industry veterans like Warren Spector could get behind.

Cedaria: Blackout tackles real-life social ills within the context of a Steampunk world. “The game will deal with topics such as inequality, racism, human rights and corruption,” explains Alayan. “However, it will do so in a fantastical cost per pill of viagra setting to avoid setting off any warning bells or stirring controversy, as many of the subjects are considered sensitive.

“As we are going for a choice and consequence angle, the choices made will have different effects on the player’s surroundings, much like the real world.”

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By metaphorically illustrating these outcomes, the hope is to relay the unseen, detrimental effects of some of the aforementioned themes. A technique used to sway one character (some mentioned by Alayan included logic and reason,

trickery, exploration and “brute force”) may repulse another, and hasty actions can make for bitter consequences down the line. Given that the game is striving for “an authentic and realistic tone,” you wouldn”t expect anything less.

Conflict transformation

Alayan hopes

that online casino dgfev viagra oder cialis the main takeaway players get from the experience is an understanding of “conflict transformation” — and, indirectly, the moral that there are more civil methods to solving problems.В “Rather than beat up or bully someone, at times you just need to be a keen observer and really explore your surroundings to discover solutions that are better for all parties involved.”

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Speaking of parties, I was surprised to learn that Cedaria: Blackout had room to explore online co-op, in light of how online casino deep

things run on the conceptual plane. The idea of making this both a single-player and co-operative exploration is, naturally, to encourage discourse, but it”s also to expand on the role of choice and consequence.

“We will make available a number of different steampunk-oriented professions, each with special skills and unique dialogue options,” says Alayan. “In a cooperative gameplay session, this will open up more alternatives for you and your friends, especially when different professions are selected by each member of the group. We also want to encourage players to meet up and share their thoughts about the game, and what better way to spark such discussions than by letting them play and experience Cedaria together?”

That brings up an interesting prospect. If a choice is made by an impatient member of the group, how will the others react? From the sound of things, it”s more about finding your own way than it is about preserving peace as a team. But if things can go sour because of a lack of cooperation, seeing the damage it does to the game world could in itself be a lesson in unity.

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As a game that could serve the medium well, Cedaria: Blackout inspires confidence. But since there hasn”t been a showering of supportВ (though this doesn”t

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mean they”ve stopped looking for it), what they really have to come to grips with is whether or not people are ready for a game of this scope. Are we content to fall back on our educational favourites from childhood — the Carmen Sandiegos and Reader Rabbits — at the expense of a modern, thought-provoking concept? Despite what the current fate of their Kickstarter may have to say, I”m hoping this isn”t the case.

Author: Jose Cardoso

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