Pragmatism meets beauty in Kromaia

Placing equal emphasis on pragmatism and beauty, Kromaia answers the question of what happens when two developers with opposing design principles come together as one.

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Paving the way for better immersion means, according to Kraken Empire, harnessing complexity that is all-encompassing. Mechanics on their own can deliver in this area, initially inciting wonder and curiousity, but they run the risk of shrinking the intrigue of a world and serving

as its sole battery. With Kromaia, the two-man team at Kraken Empire seeks Office 2007 Clé to achieve immersion through holistic means and in ways that can be rightly considered non-traditional.

This comes across because, first and foremost, it”s how they themselves see the game, describing Kromaia as a “third-person shooter” and as being Tron-esque for its sharp visual design. Outcomes in connection with these definitions are in fact a reflection of the team”s internal perspectives: one, an “avid” FPS player who cares little for exploration; the other, an

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ardent fan of exploration games who rarely gives first-person shooters an audience.

Rather than these approaches clashing, Antonio Iglesias and Daniel Blasco have meshed Office 2010 Clé characteristic elements of both styles to form a mix of puzzle and exploration that grows alongside the game”s

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core. What holds the opposing schools of thought together, though, is the architecture.

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Whilst 90s

shoot-”em-ups served as a strong inspiration for the focus on agility above steady pacing, Shadow of the Colossus — a world they describe as being “weirdly beautiful and fearsome” — lent to Kromaia”s aesthetic hallmarks, with bold structures being used to convey an alive inner world.

“The floating architecture suggests and makes possible a different kind of exploration and the biomechanical creatures acting smart and, sometimes, in big, coordinated groups, will remind you more of the sentinels in The Matrix or the enemies in R-Type rather than a regular enemy fleet flying towards you,” says Iglesias. “This, along with your unit moving past the pillars in a giant temple makes the “alive and different universe” feeling we want.

“Kromaia is often labelled as “abstract,” although we actually aimed for something minimalistic – an open world mixing the “gods’ technology” and something like floating classical greek architecture, to put it simply,” he adds. “Being amazed by the architectural looks achieved by Kozo Morishita in the Saint Seiya series, during our childhood, was a key factor in choosing this pseudo-greek-galactic design, at least subconsciously.”

Put together, a friendship exists between the structural emphasis and the art direction – pragmatism marrying beauty to great effect.

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Laying down the grid

Braving the need for responsiveness and immersion, Kraken Empire has set out to develop what will surely be Kromaia”s claim to fame. And that is its complex movement system, taken in part from Descent.

“Our central ideas are gameplay and immersion,” explains Iglesias. “For that reason we chose the six degrees of freedom model. No up nor down in space; it’s the hardest to learn when piloting, but definitely the most immersive and closest casino online to a space experience.”

This, along with the heavy role played by physics in the game world, has helped prevent Kromaia from adhering to more of a simulation template than an action-oriented one. And being that it isn”t on-rails, the “freedom” aspect can take on an authentic context that, in conjunction with the broader design principles, will add layers to your experience.

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What wasn”t accounted for was

the toll it would take to implement this scheme with A cusp is the conventional line that divides two consecutive taurus love horoscope for today signs houses in the horoscope. precision, but that”s not where their attention is fixed — it is in shaping the game”s overall tone to a place of virtual realism, which their process is well-equipped for.

“We wanted to make a game based on real physics and the right way to move a spaceship under those terms is just using thrusters,” says Iglesias. “We thought that using physics would offer us fluent movement and a believable world and that would help achieve better gameplay and immersion.

“We were right.”

Igelesias believes modding and customization is the path to making these fundamental systems adaptive, but

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not to a point of being watered-down.

“Our original idea was that, given a world based in real physics, anyone could design a spaceship and the way he wanted to pilot it. You could set your thrusters in any position, pointing in any direction and bind each of them to a specific movement,” he explains. “For example, you can place a big thruster in the back of your ship looking backwards and use it to accelerate, but if you put two thrusters, one on the left and one on the right, you could use them to accelerate and to turn left and right (probably combined with other thrusters too).”

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Broadening the scope are the individualized ship schemes and their connected weaponry.

“This control philosophy we use allows us to give each [ship] a different movement system and everything will be coherent as long as we use the right parameters.”

Where this overall system lacks is in its comfort, which the team admits, as a gameplay element, is difficult for anyone that”s not an aerospace engineer. If there”s one thing to be gathered from their expressions, though, it”s that compromise is the furthest thing from their mind.

The finer elements of the multi-axis movement system are to breed advanced design that is less about style and more about being its own category. “A new action genre,” as they call it, which they want to be at the forefront of. And through environmental design, enemy patterns, and pace, it sounds like will Kromaia give new meaning to the term “sharp shooter.”

Author: Jose Cardoso

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