Mushing: From sport to management simulation

Dog Sled Saga is a game about reaping the rewards of teamwork and companionship. Jose Cardoso took a hold of the reins to juggle the game”s host of agents and systems.

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I”m the underdog in this competition. The one who, the town cries, hasn”t a chance of making it to the elite classes this or any other season. Yet here I”ve made it to the second league. That”s when the fanfare started.

I”m not used to the attention; it”s more my team”s suit to soak it up, so it was easy for me to pass the credit on to them. For me, technique is topped only by a caring spirit. The more I believe in my team, the more they believe in themselves and each other. A coach couldn”t hope for much more.

I”m proud of my crew, even the unruly folk. Ruby”s the least happy of the lot, I must say. And when she”s not happy, she drags everyone down with her until she gets what she wants. Her selfishness has caused our undoing a few times, but she possesses a secret weapon that

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has led to an equal number of victories. So we keep her around and hope that, so long as we keep her pride in check, she”ll grow to become a better team player. online cialis generic That, and we know she”s in demand.

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Of the possible sports these team dynamics could describe, dog sled racing wouldn”t rank at the top of the list. There”s no

real work at play, you say. It”s all automatic — just send the dogs on their way, steer out of harm”s way, and hope you”re blessed with the healthiest dogs to earn the championship title. Oh contraire, says Dog Sled Saga, it”s a career that”s entirely in your control.

Bred for the sled

Dog Sled Saga is a game of pooled ideas. On one hand, it”s a representation of a sport championed by few in game form. But on the other, it”s a deeper exploration of simulation, management and lite-RPG systems all in one unique mold.

Dan Fitzgerald and Lisa Bromiel – the duo behind the project – explain that their inspiration for the “towny” atmosphere and layered mechanics comes from “midwest winters,” also drawing on elements of XCOM, Pokemon and TV series Twin Peaks, and having in mind to model “human-animal relationships” with the racing component casino online as its vehicle.

Essentially, the objectives are similar to franchises like Football Manager, but instead of overseeing a club of athletes, you”re responsible for a small huddle of sled dogs; and instead of strictly implementing strategies, it”s a combination of strategy and real-time play. Dues must be paid to maintain league membership, funds for which racing will allocate, while new hires offer opportunities of rest and recovery to trailing or misbehaving team members.

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Attending to the happiness levels of your team members also makes Dog Sled Saga part pet sim but with consequences, for tied to this are two systems: fame, where special actions like making a catch while in the air will merit attention from the

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crowds, and faults, which can break your streak of victory. Next to individual strengths such as good catching ability and speed bursts, there exist weaknesses, or faults, that can cripple your team if left

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unaddressed. Pride and greed are two, but the damage won”t be seen in full force until later on in your career when you make costly mistakes (like squandering dog treats) during long, high-pressure races.

“I have to admit that gameplay tuning was a new challenge for me at the start of this project,” says Fitzgerald. “The game oscillates between too hard and too easy pretty rapidly as features get added or change (I”m told this is very normal). It”s super gratifying when it lands at a good point and I can gulf canada square pharmacy remind myself that we”re on the right track.

“Some of the fault effects (detrimental things your dogs will do occasionally, more frequently if they”re burnt out) are pretty devastating already. My favorite is “greedy,” where a dog will steal a foodbag off a passing restock post before you reach it, likely causing a shortage for the whole team.”

It”s a system that speaks to the high-stakes and (relatively) unpredictable nature of the affair,

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where devastation can strike from within. On additional turbulence, FitzGerald adds, “We also have injuries planned to knock a

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dog off the team completely if you aren”t careful with them.”

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Dog canada pharmacy shoppe Sled Saga prepares you for is a skillful build-up of internal resources – resources that may well go awry.

“You need to build up carefully to higher levels by finding the right pacing of rest and work,” says Fitzgerald. “And due to the game”s randomness, that challenge does not come down to a formula.”

These are conditions in which the player will be led to assume shifting roles, being nurturing during one leg, and hard-nosed during another. How players decide to stave off unruly dogs and kamagra self defense other external hazards, while potentially at the cost of career advancement, is where the game will connect best with the team”s plans for the game”s progression – and ultimately the musher-to-dog attachment they hope will form as the career path becomes more perilous.

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Pummeled by unceasing snowfall. My team on the last of their four sore legs, still finding the strength to bicker amongst themselves as to who should take point. And a group of competent rivals bearing down on

us like the victory-hungry folk that they are.

I”d say the end is in sight, but the weather conditions say otherwise.

The only way I can stay

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sane is, not by looking off in the distance, but by squinting for the refuge soon to come – relay points where I can take stock and hush my unease, if only until the next stop.

When it all stops, the toll will have been heavy – heavier than it is now en route. But so will be the morale of my team.

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Author: Jose Cardoso

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