The transformative power of video game storytelling

This week, the Games For Change organisation announced its 11th annual festival will be held in collaboration

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with the Tribeca Film Festival. Joe Donnelly was reminded of a late 19th century short story based on the American Civil War.

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Considering the ethos and direction of both the Tribeca Film Festival and Games For Change, not to mention the fact that they are both based in New York, this partnership may be of little surprise – in fact what might be more surprising is comprar viagra por internet that the two haven’t joined forced before now.

Regardless, the collaboration marks the TFF’s drive towards “bringing the industry and community together around storytelling” and is an acknowledgment that video games now stand at the forefront of such a movement, alongside more traditional mediums.

“Tribeca recognizes the transformative power of gaming that goes far beyond the traditional entertainment value of

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games,” said TFF Co-Founder Craig Hatkoff of the partnership earlier this week. “The impact and integration has been spreading rapidly across virtually all domains. Of particular interest is how gaming has scaled to social good, from education to healthcare, and from conflict resolution to religion.

“By partnering with Games

for Change, we hope to bring together the most cutting-edge creators of games, educators, and the world’s greatest story-tellers. Together, they will create the latest innovations in gaming for the social good to even wider audiences. We look forward to further expanding our relationship with Games for Change in the future.”

Asi Burak, President of Games for Change echoed a similar line. “The new relationship with the Tribeca

Film Festival is an incredible opportunity to reach a new audience for the ‘games for good’ sector,” he said. “Games are often discussed in the context of entertainment, but with this event, we’ll be able to share our message that this medium can be very powerful in creating positive change in the world.”


Of course, such media convergence between film and games isn’t anything new – movies are regularly spawned from video games and likewise games from the big screen. But on reading both Burak and Hatkoff’s comments, I was immediately reminded of a remarkably moving, yet entirely simple game I played last year on

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freeware site Game Jolt: An Occurrence best price cialis canada at Owl Creek Bridge.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Based on the late 19th century short story of the same name by American author Ambrose Bierce, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge tells the tale of a Confederate rebel condemned to death by hanging during the American Civil War. Upon being pushed from Owl Creek Bridge, the rope tied around the protagonist’s neck snaps, plunging him into the river below. He makes his way to dry land, dodging showers of bullets from above, making his escape deep into the online casino surrounding forest. The Union follow on in hot pursuit, but the protagonist continues to evade them, in spite of their growing numbers, spurred on by the thought of his wife and children awaiting his return. A staggering twist marks the end of this poignant tale.

In 1962, a French short film adaptation of Bierce’s work, named La Rivière du Hibou, was released to critical acclaim, scooping awards at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars, and featured as an episode of The Twilight Zone in 1964.

Having read the original short story, and having watched the half an hour long movie, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge stands as a quintessential example of the importance of interactive media. In just over five minutes of retro-inspired pixelated gameplay, James Earl Cox III’s video game interpretation

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of Bierce’s work, which includes no dialogue whatsoever, is by far the most emotive and encapsulating of the three.


In light of the Tribeca Film Festival and Games For Change collaboration, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is testament to how video games can be used to great effect not only when telling

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a story, but also to convey emotion and a compelling message. It’s remarkable that Cox is able to evoke such emotion from the player in such a short timeframe, however this must be explained by the interactivity bestowed upon the medium.

David Cage’s drive towards creating games which mimic cinema has been well-documented, however here we have a game far less reliant on realism in the way of aesthetics, but enriched with captivating storytelling. Hopefully this partnership works to educate those less aware of female viagra npr the transformative powers of video games, of which Hatkoff speaks.

Although perhaps not quite as prestigious as an Academy Award, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge won Silver at the 2013 International Serious Play Awards, and is headed to Desura on February 14 of this year.

Pizza and a movie for Valentines Day? What about pizza and a video game, instead?

Joe Donnelly

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