Underhanded trickery as charm in Eryi's Action

Eryi”s Action offers a puzzle-platforming arena built from nothing but lies and deceit that aims to scupper your progress with every step. Jose finds these C4120-783 foundations infuriating, baffling, demoralising, and yet also hilarious.


Loosen your grip, and the drop — however small — will mean your life. As will an emptied oxygen tank, sticking your nose in a geyser, or jumping from too high of a distance — anything more than a step down from a porch.

A combination of rampant insecurity and anxiousness tells of a system

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that is not merely strict — no, for that would be only grazing matters when it also means swift 220-701 dismissal to the uncoordinated. The impulsiveness of not being able to get away with much, the startle of a mistimed action…a system like that makes you too afraid to try anything.

Such is the critical parenting style of Spelunker (you know it well if you”ve been exposed to it), with any longing for shortcut exploitation being undercut by sheer linearity. Although using dissonant tactics, the same is accomplished with the slippery systems controlling Eryi”s Action.


Eryi”s Action is a game wrought with malicious game design, trading excessive

demands for excessive charm. It incites to similar levels of outrage but through trickery as its outlet, where you”re essentially living out a prankster”s fantasy with you as the gullible test subject. Not content with disrespectful door slams, distraction techniques and false scares, the game world of Eryi”s Action thrives on pushing your buttons to an abusive extent. No sooner than the introductory scene are you set on a path of endless derision made at your expense, getting bonked on the head by a falling pan before you”ve even begun.

Its palette of tricks pervades all aspects — enemies, design features, environments; they”re all in on it. Windmills in the background suddenly collapse with you underneath; invisible barricades initially let you pass through but lock you out as a trap falls; large chunks of the ground cave in; attacks stop mid-motion; innocent design elements are contaminated with dulled or super-powered effects; and ordinarily solid blocks become sticky or crumble as you touch them. Not even the World Map is a safe haven.

Wherever you are expect to be burned, stinged, crushed and, most of all, deceived.

Unfriendly neighbourhood host

Devious is the game that Eryi”s Action plays, with a twisted “no pain, no gain” philosophy. Predictable moves have already been prepared for with an (in)appropriate defense, quickly forcing you out of standard instincts and moving to a state of caution that exceeds the norm. The call hammered by the game”s many ludicrous barriers is for step-by-step experimentation, yet even your best guesses still go awry and leave you flabbergasted.

Truly, only in this universe could casino online this be seen as charming.


The madness of Eryi”s Action is not one-sided in that you”re completely repulsed by the thought of being a toy. Despite your great indignance over the

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abuse, wedged in there are stitches of humour. Shameless humour, yes, but still humorous all the same.

By not exhausting its toolbox just as it begins, shocking developments are still kept in reserve. Early amusement is quickly replaced by disbelief, but then the smiles return as new exploits are played. It becomes much harder to contain your anger and channel it into appreciation the longer you wade in it, yet you”re still prone to laughing aloud over sudden tricks

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that should”ve been foreseen.

Eryi”s Action habitually wears itself and its victims out by the end of each level, where “clever” item-enemy combos are necessary to be granted escape. Crossing finishes will still mean having to overcome one final puzzle, which often requires more lingering and a consideration of the instruments you have at your disposal in that area — enemies, strange design features, the same joke-partakers that are now used to break free from the mastermind”s control.


The array of player reactions is highly unusual when disgust is such an easy to take hand-off, and it”s an accomplishment in itself that the pride it takes in your defeat is eclipsed by the satisfaction it takes from your unextinguished flame to beat the system and its diabolical antics.

Doubly underhanded?

Because production has taken a

position of strong inferiority to lunacy and the delivery of its core themes, a disconcerting suspicion comes to the fore after holding your breath for so long, and that is if the use of underhanded exploits is to substitute for a compelling formula.

Due to the nature of it being so relentless, what Eryi”s Action combats is this core idea of pushing what is a fully-embodied technique as its own unique charm. Its ability to stand in the face of it is yanked from under it by the very same facets contributing to its spin for absurd mania as a worthy foundation.

Attached to each of the positive emotions players display is a subconscious reading of the game environment. Put together, what amounts is a world that is not simply unsafe and brutally onerous; more seriously, it is a game world visitors develop an overwhelming distrust for.


Stubbornly holding to

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unease, it turns inward to provide such relief, through the very means it uses to distance its players. Sadly, this duality — at least in the heavy, unregulated doses used — proves damaging to its aims.

Eryi”s Action”s own insecurities are clearly mounted against from the get-go with the inane jocularity, but by enabling this lack of respect for the environment and allowing this belief to grow with valid reasoning, ultimately this undermines any desire for players to forge ahead with curiosity. In its place, suspicion and fatigue.

To say that you could grow to love Eryi”s Action would be to deny the unruliness with which its trick palette roams. It is not merely insanity that runs wild, though the carnival-like music pushes for such a description. Eryi”s Action lives for humiliation, and it will achieve this by any twisted means necessary. Without any filter, its charms won”t subdue you as colour and zest would, nor will they massage you as well-arranged design would.

I will never admit being enchanted by its techniques, but taken as-is, the smug attitude manifested in its evil design and unrelenting push for charm ended in ambivalence for me — a better place than anticipated. But it may be that I pulled out in time to not succumb to outright hatred.

Author: Jose Cardoso

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